Caleb Alalade is a minster of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a lead worshiper.
Caleb became a committed christian at an early age, consciously dedicating his life and talents to The Lord.
As a psalmist for over three decades and an itinerant pastor, Caleb ministers around the world, leading prophetic worship, preaching and teaching about the love and the presence of God.

He is the president of the Father’s Heart Ministry and he also hosts series of worship events and Worship Encounter programmes, on Christian Networks like Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) Europe.
Caleb’s ministry has touched many lives and his desire is to draw people into a deeper relationship with The Lord Jesus, to see the hurting world restored, yokes broken, burdens lifted and lives dedicated to The Lord.

He has been married for over two decades and he currently resides in the UK with his family.
Caleb is passionate about the word, prayer, hymns, inspirational and christian classical music.
Caleb believes that the Presence of God is the ultimate